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What is Suicidal Ideation? How to Help Someone With Suicidal Thoughts

April 19, 2018

Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal thoughts are actually the same as suicidal ideation.

There are a lot of people today who just, want to quit, they are very unhappy and many are they are going through a tremendous pain, apart from these people there are people who are wealthy are but still have a feeling of emptiness in life.

 Even though they have everything going further but they feel something is missing. Sometimes they feel the people around them are fake many times they feel they are not loved. 

Suicide has become a very prominent problem these days, literally, thousands of people are committing suicide every day. In the United States according to the study in 2013 over 800,000 committed suicide worldwide. Suicide is the third cause of death of teenagers and its the 10th cause of death worldwide.

suicide signs

There are various cause and factors that lead people to think about suicide. There are those who are going under crisis in their life perhaps a tremendous amount of stress. 

Well, most of the suicides are the result of mental illness. Mental illness that produces illness, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Some of the common symptoms of suicide or people who are thinking about suicide are usually hopeless, they a have a very poor ability to solve problems or they have lost the certain abilities that they had before.

 There are also medical conditions(that could be treated), people who are going through financial problems all these can lead to suicide.

Bipolar disorders which also leads to the feeling of anxiety, anger, guilt, extreme sadness and isolation.

What happens to many people when they go through all sorts of troubles and difficult times is something called anxiety or fear.

 Anxiety or fear both are relatable but have different meanings. Anxiety is about to future and fear is about to present. When we detect such things or detects people having these symptoms we need to get them an immediate help.

All the experts say early detections can make a big difference. Nowadays there are centers for the prevention of suicide, there is an emergency phone number to call. 

(Dial 1-800-273-8255 to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).  People who found themselves suicidal should call and get help and if they don't and we see them experiencing such suicidal feelings then e need to call.

            How To Help People If They Have Suicidal Ideation

1) What we can do--- People feels alone, they think nobody cares for them, nobody loves them so we can always be a good listener(in the sense to listen to what they say about their lives and their feelings) and stay connected with them and be there for them whenever they need you. 

2)What advice we can give --- Being as a family member or a friend or whatever relation you have with a person who is suicidal, always suggest them to seek professionals help. (or better you must arrange for them).

3)What we can tell them---The words of hope and encouragement that's what people need more today.  We can tell them you can become a different person than what you are right now.
It is possible and things will change, problems are temporary and you'd be able to get out through this.


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Monday, 16 April 2018

10 Effective Foods To Eat Daily To Beat Your Depression And Anxiety

April 16, 2018
Can food beat Depression?

Dealing with depression is not an easy task. As there are many lifestyles that we choose and can play a major role that leads to depression. Therapy and Medication are two major options to deal with mental disorders.   

But eating right food can be effective to overcome mental illness. Here are 10 effective and proven foods that can actually help you to fight your depression and anxiety.

Green Tea benefits
1-) Green Tea- To battle with depression, people have been using green tea for hundreds of years. 

According to study Green tea contains polyphenols that boost the brain supply of dopamine which is a happy neurotransmitter. 

Green tea is a rich source of antioxidants. The amino acid that is theanine which is found in green tea has a very high tendency to provide anti-stress relaxation.

Benefits of Almonds
2)-Almonds- A 100 gram of almonds contains 268 mg of magnesium and according to research taking almonds works perfectly for treating depression and strengthen the nerve system.

 Another helpful nutrient that is selenium (found in almonds) which plays an effective role in producing thyroid hormones to fight with decreased thyroid functioning.  

Moreover, almonds are also the rich source of zinc that protects and fight with free radicals which are responsible for damaging the brain cells. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in almonds also help in improving and sharpening your memory. 

benefits of salmon 3-) Salmon-Natural oil from fish contains Omega 3 fatty acid, which is good fat and is very much essential for an active brain.

 Fishes like salmon, cod, mackerel, and shellfish which are also containers of Vitamin B, can check the levels of serotonin without adding to your weight. 

Those Omega-3 fatty acids soften the cell membrane and make it easier for serotonin which is another happy neurotransmitter.
 Researchers have found that positive anti-depressant effect increase with omega-3 fatty acid consumption.

4-)Blueberries-  Blueberries have an antioxidants properties which are best for lowering the oxidative stress. Blueberries also help our brain to grow new cells which in itself is believed to treat depression.

5-) Bananas- Bananas contains Tryptophan a nutrient that your brain converts into 5-HTP(hydroxytryptophan). This 5-HTP, in turn, get converted into positive neurotransmitter like serotonin and melatonin. Bananas also contain magnesium and potassium which helps with lower the risk of depression.

Benefits of Avocados
6) Avocados- Avocados contain lots of potassium because potassium diet has a tendency to relieve symptoms of depression and stress. 

Per 100 grams of avocados contains 458 mg of potassium. An adult should take 47,000mg of potassium daily during snack time is the best way to attain those numbers. 

Avocados also help in preventing cancer. It is also rich in sodium helping the lower blood pressure and inflammation(which is linked to depression). 

Dark chocolate benefits
7-)Dark chocolates- 

Researchers have found that cocoa in dark chocolate enhances your brain's level of serotonin and dopamine. If you also want depression fighting benefits you must start eating dark chocolates 

It also helps in reducing your level of cortisol which is the stress neurotransmitter. Consumption of dark chocolate may lower the risk of chronic fatigue syndrome. 

To know more about the dark chocolate benefits do click here

8-) Dark Leafy Greens- Of all the dark leafy greens, spinach

benefits of eating Spinach
contains the most folic acid. According to research the deficiency of folic acid tends to be common for those with depression. 

Folic acid also boosts up the levels of brain chemicals such as serotonin and dopamine, it's often used to boost antidepressant effectiveness. 

  Leafy greens are essentially important for a healthy diet as they contain Vitamins A, C, E, and K plus phytochemicals and minerals as well.

how asparagus is helpful
9-) Asparagus- Asparagus is another food high in folic acid, this vegetable is also highly rich in B vitamins which helps to boost mental health by helping your body's tryptophan conversion.

Benefits of Lenticels

10-) Lenticels-  Lenticels also plays a major role in fighting depression. Folic acid and Vitamin B6, iron and omega-3 fats which are sourced from it are effective for reducing the stress and all the frustrations of mind.  

Lenticels can be cooked or sprouted.  Lenticels provide us 90% of recommended daily allowance of Vitamin B.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

How to create suicide safety plans- 5 best ways to protect yourself and others from suicidal behaviour

April 15, 2018

Suicide Safety Plans :)

Sometimes people feel so trapped with these suicidal thoughts and can't find a way out but creating suicide safety plans can help a person to deal with the suicidal thoughts and in the result, they can actually beat this feeling of being suicidal. 

As everyone has different feelings and thoughts and there could be many suicide safety plans but here we are providing the best five suicide safety plans that will definitely help you out if you follow them step by step.

5 best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from suicidal thoughts

  • Keeping your environment safe knowing that is there something that you planned before to hurt yourself with. It could be a knife or a gun or could be anything you may not have them around.

  • Notice your signs and warnings. 

  • Create a list of things that trigger your suicidal thoughts and makes you more depressed such as a song or a TV show.

  • Creating a list of people whom you have personal connections such as friends or family (or who so ever you have) just reach them out by contacting them and speak up about your feelings that can actually help you out by getting those emotions and thought away.

  • Make a list of professionals whom you can contact and talk about plus make a  list of emergency contact details of your local emergency helpline. 

''Always remember life is precious and implementing on these above suicide safety plans is a promise to yourself that you gonna fight with these suicidal feelings and making yourself strong from inside. ''

Friday, 13 April 2018

15 most common signs and symptoms of Suicidal behavior- Suicide Prevention

April 13, 2018

How to help if you know someone in crisis?

Call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline(NSPL) by dialing 
  1-800-273-TALK (8255(toll-free), this facility is available 24/7. They provide free and confidential support and for an emergency dial 911. To know more about NSPL visit

15 most common signs and symptoms of suicide

Suicide has become the major health concern now according to the report over 36,000 people in the United States commit suicide every year (that is 1 person every 14.2 minutes).

And now it has become the 10th leading cause of death. According to the World Health Organisation, a person commits suicide every 4 seconds somewhere in the world.


When someone is in a suicidal crisis we often see these changes-
  • Usually, a person starts doing such activities that could tend to death such as fast and rough driving, taking drugs and alcohols (in large amount), cutting more often and taking unnecessary risks etc.

  • A person has finally lost all the hope and couldn't find a way out and feels hopeless and worthless.

  •  Death of any loved ones, loss of a job or money, break up or divorce in relationships or any other life crisis could be the reason for a suicide attempt.

  •  You will see the change in their attitude/behavior moreover, they become less concern about their physical appearance.

  • Always they want to stay in love with their sadness.

  • Avoiding friends and families and choose to be alone.

  •  If a person is depressed for a long time and consider to commit suicide he/she will start making a to-do list such as meeting friends/relatives, giving away possessions, paying off debts, writing death notes or some will make a plan or a way to kill themselves by collecting materials for suicide such as purchasing a gun or rope or collecting a medications. 

  • Change in eating habits.

  • Global insomnia.

  • Panic attacks.

  • Social isolation.

  • Feels like the burden to others and talking about death.

  • Feels like trapped as they have no way out and solutions to their problems.

  • Feelings of guilt and guilt.

  • Often says no one loves me and feels life ain't worth living.

Risk Factors Mental disorders such as psychiatric disorders, social and families situation plays a crucial role in increased the risk factor for suicide.

 Whereas, bipolar disorder, eating disorders, personality disorders, depression, anxiety disorders and schizophrenia have the greatest occurrence of suicide risk. 90% of people who committed suicide have a psychiatric disorder. 

Additionally, if someone has a history of committing suicide that could be a greater risk in future. There are also psychological factors that contribute to suicide this relates to people how they experience themselves their place in the world. 

Some people who have experienced insecure attachments can become the sensitive and painful experience of detachment in their relationships. 

These people often face uncontrollable pain, the feeling of abandonment, and mood swings. They have 10% of the higher risk of committing suicide in the future.

Severe stress can also play a role in activating the suicide risk factor. Some people carry genetic risk factors for this mental sickness such as depression, bipolar disorders, and schizophrenia.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why Self-Harm Awareness Is So Important For Everyone- Save Lives

April 12, 2018


Anyone who is suffering from self-harm disorders it's not just fine the way you are feeling better you take a step ahead and ask for help and always remember that you are loved and you are not alone.

Self-harm awareness day

Self Injury Awareness Day(SIAD) is a worldwide event i.e on 1st of March every year and it has been done for more than 17 years by now.

LifeSIGNS is an organization based in the UK which is helping people by raising awareness about self-injury and self-harm since it was set up (2002).

They have many online resources and sets of information for people who are struggling with self-harm.

Raising awareness about self-harm is important as we know many people who suffer in silence and do self-harm could find a way out from this dark side.

People who need online support can also visit it's an international help center for such people where you can find online chat support, suicide hotlines, online therapists and much more.

Steps to helping someone in Emotional pain.

  • Always ask about their feelings and do not let them feel they are alone.

  • Keep their environment safe remove all the source of material that could harm them.

  • Listen to them make sure you understand how they feel.  

  • Assist them to connect with trusted individuals such as friends, family or mental health Professionals.

  • Stay in touch always.
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Monday, 9 April 2018

Different Ways Of Self-Harm -Self-cutting

April 09, 2018

 Different ways of Self-harm.

There always been a misconception about self-harm or self-mutilation that is only cutting and that we apparently use to see in Social media, movies and on TV, but there is so much more than only cutting. 

Well, there are so many types of Self-harms as well that people use to do and I want to just lighten this topic because many people are not aware of the other forms of self-harm.

 Well, I do not promote any self-harm or any such activities all I want to share the feelings of people which they feel ashamed to share by themselves.

 As we have already discussed the self-harm in our previous post and also the reasons that why people do ( it's not just for seeking attention but it is something that people use to express their feelings and emotions that is full of anger, pain, and frustration).

Cutting is the most common type of self-harm that often begins during a teenage period  where people use to harm their own body without any suicidal intentions and that we are not gonna over discuss here.,

because there is something more than cutting that people are doing to harm themselves and we are supposed to help them.

self harm methods

The most 5 different ways of Self-Harm 

1- Scratching/Pinching- also know as Dermatillomania or skinning disorder this type of self-harm where people use to scratch or pinch themselves because they don't like their own appearance. 

And they scratch their body just to change it. People who suffer from Dermatillomania have symptoms of rubbing, pinching, scratching or digging sharp objects into their skin and this they all relate to their anxiety, fear, or boredom.

2- Carving- Carving is totally different from cutting because in this disorder people not only cut themselves but they carve something into their body (like words or symbols ). More than 40% of people who self-harm they do carving.

3- Burning- Buring is same as cutting but in burning, people just burn themselves just to release their feelings (emotions) or to punish themselves for all the grievings and regrets they holding inside.

4- Impacting with objects-  Banging with objects like kicking, punching and crashing till it makes them bleed or bruise.

5- Hair Pulling- Also know as Trichotillomania in this disorder people have an extreme urge to pull hair from any part of their body just for relief or joy. Many people don't categorize hair pulling in self-harm but I do for a strong reason and people who deal  Trichotillomania must their life be supported.

Eating disorders and relying on drugs and alcohols are also a part of self-harm because they are hurting you as well from inside out.

Sunday, 8 April 2018

What Is Self-harm? Why People Usually Do That

April 08, 2018

What is Self harm?

Self-harm: hurting your own body for a  specific reason or it's just a way to express shame or guilt, this is something that I really want to talk about. 

As we all know self-harm has become the depressing topic in the internet world as we keep on seeing the pictures and videos of people who are hurting themselves on social media or Television, 

Or maybe you have someone close friend or family member who has been going through such situations. Seriously this need to stop because life is precious and we must need to help such people who are really depressed and suffering from Self-harm. 

Primarily, self-harm is a very serious topic. Out of  4 in 100 people hurt themselves, It has been found women hurt more as compared to men.

 A person who self-harms does not really mean to kill himself or herself completely but it could be risky and it leads to a self-destruction (suicide) if they don't get any help from doing it. 

signs and symptoms of self harm different ways of doing self harm
Different people have different ways to express their feelings, 

  • When they have no words to explain their feelings.

  •  When they feel all alone and lost inside.

  • When they stop feeling numb.

  • Something in their life that they can rely on.

  • Having suicidal thoughts.

After hurting yourself it could give you a relief for a while but sometimes people get addicted to it and it takes a long time (5-10 years) to get over from self-harm.

Why do people Self-harm?

  Now this question has different experiences from different people around the world, for example, some people just do it for the things that they have done in their past(something wrong or bad that they still regret it), 

Whereas, some have no idea why they are doing this. Well if you feel or have do self-harming don't be hesitate to ask for help. Be strong and fight for your mental sickness. 

Here are some major reasons why do people hurt themselves :

  • have feelings such as anger, anxiety or depression.

  • bullying

  • low self-esteem

  • having massive negative thoughts

  • sexual or physical abuse

  • loss of a person(whom they love a lot)

  • loss of job or money

  • feeling lonely and hopeless.

Sometimes people comment doing self-harm is only for seeking an attention, that's why many people just do it in a private and hiding their scars from there body when they have to appear in public.

So they won't be judged by people who really don't know how does it feel in real.

 So if you know anyone who has been suffering from self-harm for a long period you better talk to them about life and their feelings and suggest them for counseling it may help.

Never Miss An Opportunity To Help Someone Who Is Depressed Or Suicidal

April 08, 2018

How to help people who are Depressed or Suicidal?

Depression is a feeling or state that hits insides the mind so badly that makes a life worthless and the person sometimes feel so ashamed and uncomfortable with these such feelings that he/she can't speak or share with others. 

how to help a suicidal person

Depression can attack you at any stage of your life no matter how young or old you are. If you find someone who has been depressed for a long time; never miss an opportunity to help them.,because they could be your family members, your friends or colleagues or could be anyone.

Here are the few points that could help you to help a person in such situations.

How you can help others:

1- Never let them feel alone or unwanted.

2-Always speak to them whenever they want to (about their feelings).

3-Let them know that you really care for them.

4-Always treat them with respect and support them.

5-Share some positive or motivational stories or songs.

6-Assist them to go for GP(General Practitioner) or a counselor.

7-Spread Love Always.

8- Always remember you don't have to fix a person all you have to be is a good listener.

Are You Depressed ? Solution Is Here ! Where And How To Seek Help

April 08, 2018


It is very important to seek a help when you are facing a mental sickness and at this moment choosing the right place and right person could help you out with this disorder, 

Depression is something that anyone could face at any age of life and trust me nothing could be worse than a depression because it could make life worse and make you feel like worthless. 

But that's not what we live for right? and that is not a worth living because life is a gift and we have to live and enjoy every moment of our life.

In our previous post, we have discussed the few things like what is depression? major types of depression, and last we also discussed the 7 natural ways that could help you to ease depression.

Now the main point sometimes the depression has affected the person's mind so badly that they cant figure out the things how to deal with because of its a feeling of helplessness, so don't let the depression to destroy you but to save your life you have to seek for help.

where to seek help

Where to seek help :-)

Firstly, just remember that you are not alone, speak about your feelings to the person whom you trust more. Your best friend, family member or your anyone with whom you feel connected.

Secondly, there are many health services that you can go for there you will get a full assistance from the professionals. 

Thirdly, you can find your local General Practitioner(G.P) they will conduct your general check-up and according to your mental sickness level and symptoms, they will shortly conduct an assessment for you.

Or also they could refer you to for a  Professional support who are Psychologists, psychiatrists, and counselors (but it all depends on your symptoms).

For More Useful Information Visit at

Treatment for Depression: 7 Best Natural Ways to fight with your depression

April 08, 2018

Treatment for Depression (Naturally)

Being depressed for a long time could make your life worse and make you feel worthless and helpless, but nowadays a lot of medications and therapies are also available that would help you to deal with your depression, but here we are going to share with you  best 7 natural ways that would definitely help to cure your depression

 If you are also feeling depressed, worthless and cannot find a way out from this dark than you are wrong, because there is so much more good things are waiting for you all you have to bring some positive vibes into your life, 

And the points that we are going to discuss below will help you out from this, so take a stand right now, make a promise to your self and help yourself to fight your fight alone by implementing these tips:

natural ways to fight with depression,depression treatment

7 Natural Ways To Treat Depression

1- Exercise: Regular exercise can be an extreme change for this cure because it produces some major changes in our brain that help to fight with anxiety and stress. moreover doing regular exercise increases our brain sensitivity to the hormones serotonin and norepinephrine that helps to cope with depression.

2-Eat healthy and fresh: most people are aware that taking healthy food is most important for our body to reduce the risk factor of our health, and so with depression. 

According to some pieces of evidence that foods with omega-3 fatty acids such as Walnuts and Salmon and folic acids such as spinach and avocado could help ease depression.

3- Get enough sleep:- this advice is for anyone who wishes to protect their mental health by getting enough sleep in a day (night).

 But its hard to sleep when depression is knocking you out. Right? but not to worry about the tips that we are going to share will help you for sure if you follow them regularly before your bedtime.
  • Set a regular bedtime.

  • Avoid Caffeine and other Colas stuffs.

  • Stop worrying about tomorrow.

  • Try to listen to a soft music.

  • Or you could start reading some books. 

4-Face your problems:- Being depressed and facing the reality all alone is kinda hard but consulting with the right therapist would help you to take you out of this dark place.

5-Embrace your responsibilities:- No matter how hard is for you but always remember about the people who meant a lot in your life like your parents, your siblings, husband or a wife. 

Whether it's your personal life or your job try not to feel discouraged or not let the negative people impact your life anymore again always try to stay away from them and be as a volunteer never hesitate about the outcomes, just take everything easy and handle your responsibilities with enough faith and confidence.

6- Comfortzone Challenge:- First of all try to break the comfort zone that you are in it. The place or stuff that is holding you back from doing or trying something new just break it down slow. 

Try to do the things in a different manner, trust in your abilities and in results you would be able to push your boundaries in future with more productive results. 

7-Stay positive:- Set a proper goal in your life and with a positive attitude just focus on your own rather than focusing on others life,(but yes you can always take an inspiration from someone to reach to your goal) never let those people in your life who has been bothering you for long. 

Start building up a relationship with people who make you feel happy and always supports you, start reading about people's life who has been a warrior, and moreover there is so many stuff that you could find by yourself that brings positive vibes in your life.

    These 7 proven ways are the only natural cure for depression that has been experienced by the people but still if you feel more uncomfortable or nothing you feel like could help you then please go for a Therapist or you can find online. 

Never hesitate to speak up about your feelings.

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