Sunday, 21 October 2018

13 Songs To Help You Face Depression | Infmy

To everyone who is in need of a voice for themselves in tough times just always be true to yourself, letting go the past, STAY STRONG and there is always a way to believe in yourself.
Here is a list of songs that would be helpful for you if you found yourself as depressed. 

1) The Light Behind Your Eyes- My Chemical Romance 

''When I am no longer, you must be stronger..." this song is reason enough to live on. Though it's sad MCR broke up but they have always taught us to stay strong just like this song.

Their music will continually rule in our hearts forever. 

2) Never Too Late- Three Days Grace

When no one else could this song saved my life somehow. 

Sometimes life could be horrible in many unusual ways but there is always hope and a way to make things better and it's never too late to work on your life to make things better.

3- Keep Holding On - Avril Lavigne

This song will always fill you up with love and de-stress you from being lonely or sad as the singer Avril Lavigne has put all her emotions to create this song heart touching and beautiful.

4- Superheros by The Script

The song talks about the life's struggles that everyone faces in their life and how you fight every day with your problems to get the shit out it.

 "The pain that you are facing today will be your strength for tomorrow to make you stronger than before."

5- Saviour By Black Veil Bride

This is Andy Biersack song to all his fans, all he wants to convey through this song that you are not lonely or alone. You have to not afraid either, and if you have had a horrible past or anything that is holding you back in present and making you sad or depressed than you must listen to this song for once.

Andy has done a great work in this song. The music and lyrics will touch your heart and makes you realize that you are not alone, someone is always there who cares for you (but all you have to speak up about your emotions to someone who you trust).

6- Skillet- Not Gonna Die

It's a rock battle anthem song that you can relate with anything that is keeping you numb all the time no matter what. And the message in this song helps you to fight with your battle and taking your life back again to the way it's supposed to be like I  mean in a worthy way.

7- Simple Plan- This Song Saved My Life

This song is specially made for the fans of Simple Plan as said in an interview by the band members. The song is so emotional and has something special touch that you can relate to yourself if you are suicidal, depressed or no matter what the hell you are goin' through. 

As long as you have someone to speak about your problems and find comfort with them. So this song is a person who saved his/her life.

8- Lullaby by Nickelback 

This song is damn amazing, as the lullaby is something the pain that you are carrying on and the hopelessness that you are holding inside, but this song delivers a great message that not to give up on your life plus there is always someone who really cares about you and all you gotta have to speak up all the feelings and pain you carrying inside.

9- Skyscraper By Demi Lovato

As life is full of ups and down and people always try to knock you down and that makes a mess in your life and consequently if you are not strong enough such things could make your life worse and sometimes lead you to depression and anxiety, 

But the song Skyscraper help you to learn that still there is a hope, the lyrics interpreted that there is a battle to win over something (it could be depression, self-harm, SAD or any kind of disorder you are living in it.
So, don't lose hope and it's better to worth fighting for

10- Believe In Me by Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has been always an inspiration to many people who have been through tough times such as depression, self-harm, anorexia, etc. 

All she wants to say that you got to change your ways of always getting weak and start feeling how beautiful you are from inside out, and stop being afraid of rejection and start believing in yourself.

11- Fight by Rachel Platten

This is such an empowering and emotional track that will help you to get stronger and face the tough times of your life, don't let people prove you that you are weak.

It's time to get up again, stay strong, believe in yourself and fight for your problems and never give up on yourselves. 

12- Demons- Imagine Dragons

The main theme of this song is that we all have a dark side and insecurities in our life that always been a reason for our failures, it's not bad to have the dark side because everyone does and rather than hiding it or pretending we haven't got any  we must embrace them and find a way to get out of it.

Iridescent - Linkin Park

This song is all about letting go all the worst things happened in your past, whatever the mistakes you have done you should keep moving on and looking forward to the things that make you happy and that make sense. 

The songs list could go on and on. Comment down below and let us know the song that has been helpful and makes you feel good when you are depressed.