Wednesday, 4 July 2018

How to Reduce Stress | 8 Easy Stress Relief Activities You Should Try

Feeling depressed or low?

Check out these real quick tips to boost up your mind from this goddamn depression and stress. Set these new positive goals and follow these stress reliever activities for a month at least.

easy ways to relief stress and aniety

Well,  Motivation is something that I really struggled with when I was deep in my dark days. These tips will be really helpful for those days when you feel that you can't bring yourself to do certain tasks. It may be that you lack motivation or you get really anxious about thinking about doing them and end up not doing them. 

All you have to just try them and promise yourself that you gonna follow these Stress Reliever Activities if any of them doesn't work for you try again that and if still doesn't work try one of the next.   

1) Most people don't know why they are depressed they're just feeling extremely sad and they just can't get out of it whereas, some people might have actual reasons for being depressed.

All you have to figure out what triggered your depression and once you know and understand your triggers you become more mindful of your environment who you're around what you're around how it affects you. And try replacing them with these Stress Reliever Activities given below.

  2) At the beginning of each day make a list of stuff that you'd like to accomplish and just work your way through the list.

This kinda works because they can be as simple or as complex, as you want them to be. 

3) Turn off the internet for a day and do something that fascinates you, go outside to see someone,  talk to somebody or either go for a movie, if you've got no friends (just like me lol) go on your own cook something or bake something but just remember do not use of  the internet to see the recipes, better you can use a recipe's book.

4) Deep Breathing! Now this one might seem easy but it's very easy to forget how to do it properly. First, of all make yourself comfy close your eyes, imagine yourself in a place which gives you a feeling of relaxation. Now slowly, take deep breaths in and out.
 Repeat this deep (inhale/exhale process) for next to 10-15 minutes. 

5) Record a video or write yourself a letter about what you want from life it could be for the next week, the next month, the next year, or for the next five or ten years or just pen down your life's ultimate goals. 

6) Tell yourself all of the great things about yourself and why you love yourself plus you could also tell yourself what you have to offer to the world (same as we talk in the above point about your life's ultimate goals).

7) Take photos, print them out and stick them around your room. Rearrange your bedroom furniture. It could be fun though. 
Draw, read a book or do anything at all just experience something real.

8) Call a friend who you haven't spoken for a long time.

 Or, find something or someone that you feel supported by it could be a  family member a friend or a music band just like MCR  (they saved my life somehow) whatever it just finds a way to express yourself.

Well, there could be many other possible ways out to relieve stress by doing other activities. I will be covering up them too very soon. You could discover your own stress reliever activities or if you have any other activities that help you always in your dark days. Do comment below I'd love to read them all.

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