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14 Worst Foods to Avoid Depression and Stress

 The food we consume every day plays a major role in our health, as the nutrients and energy help our body to grow and develop. But not every food we eat is good for our health especially when it comes to our anxiety and depression. 

foods that cause depression

When we think about anxiety the first thing that comes to our mind is chocolates, that too dark ones without much sugar and milk solids as we've been consuming them to feel a bit better whenever something is making us too anxious. While food items like chocolates help us in coping up with anxiety or stress, there are several food items that have the exact opposite effect i.e, worsen your state of mind. And as we wouldn't want that, here are some common food items that should be avoided if you're already feeling uneasy.

1) Fruit Juice- As we know that fruit juice is beneficial for health, but not everytime juice's gonna help your body to boost up.

If juice isn't having sources of growing food (i.e full of proteins) and lacks fibers then this could affect your body's blood sugar level and eventually, it will lead you to dizziness and moodiness. 

2) Artificial Sweeteners-  According to the research, it showed that consuming sugar in large amount causes obesity and other health issues. As of today, thousands of products are flooded in the market with artificial sweeteners in them while having zero calories, which make the diet drinks and other snacks sweeter. 

But many of you won't be knowing that the ingredient that is found in diet drinks and other zero calories snacks is Aspartame (APM) which is an artificial non-sweetener used as a sugar substitute, has a tendency to stop the production of the neurotransmitter serotonin and hence seen to cause mood swings, depression, and insomnia. 

3) Caffeine- Caffeine influences anxiety and can also worsen if not consumed wisely. Caffeine increases the dopamine production in the brain that makes you feel better (150-200 mg of caffeine is basically large coffee) which results in increases the stress hormones that will affect your body like increased heart rates and blood pressure. Moreover it also increases muscle tension, a common symptom of anxiety.

Therefore,  adding a caffeine in your daily life will only trigger your anxiety. It even messes up with your sleeping patterns. So, try to avoid any caffeinated drinks and have a cup of green tea instead. 

4) Alcohol-  Alcohol is the most common drug consumed by people worldwide. Alcohol consumption and anxiety are quite often connected with one another because the main reason behind people drink is just to get rid of stress or mental disturbances. This may seem like an instant escape from reality but later on the chronic alcohol abuse can make their anxiety worse.

Moreover, alcohol consumers have a higher risk of circulatory system complications such as heart failure, high blood pressure, strokes, etc. Also, it will make your immune system weak.

5) Sugar- According to an article which was published in Diabetologia (Medical Journal), the researchers came to know that when the blood glucose levels increase in the body, the levels of protein which is essential for the growth of synapses and neurons falls down, consequently putting you at higher risk of depression, anxiety, and diabetes as well.

6) Tofu-   A rich source of protein also known as bean curd, made from soy. All soy products contain toxins and antinutrients plus the amount of copper present in a soy has a higher tendency to provoke your anxiety level. 

But if you are a tofu lover and don't wanna skip a single day without tofu, you can try the fermented one's i.e, natto or tamari which are easy to digest and wouldn't make you dizzy.

7) Canned Soup-   A chemical known as Bisphenol A (BPA) is used in most of the plastic containers and canned food liners. It can imbalance the stress-meditating portion of the brain which can further impact the higher risk of anxiety. 

In sight to this, a study showed in University of California- Berkeley that children who were exposed to BPA  in early ages had more common symptoms of anxiety and other mental health issues. So you might wanna consider putting it off the table.

8) White Food- Food such as white rice, white bread, pasta, cakes, processed white bread, etc are generally carbs and the effect they produce is called insulin dumping. 

And it has been found insulin upsurge triggers the depression and anxiety in many people. Also the refinded products can cause vitamin B1 (thiamine) deficiency, which leads to symptoms of anxiety and emotional instability.

9) Fried Food- Fried food! Hellyeah, though it is easy to cook and rich in taste but contributes to making your anxiety and depression worst. Sounds terrible. Right?

You must be wondering HOW?

Well, eating fried food blocks the arteries with fats and thus reduced the blood flow to the brain as well as in the whole body. When oxygen, enzymes, nutrients, and neurotransmitter and other chemical carried by blood into the brain, the hypothalamus (part of the brain that controls stress and mood) ain't perform properly.

10) Energy Drinks- Energy drinks can make you feel like energetic for an hour but the hidden ingredients such as guarana cause sleep issues and increase your anxiety.

Additionally, artificial sweeteners and sugar are also added to make energy drink sweeter that we have already discussed in 2nd and  5th points.

So start avoiding energy drinks from today they are not good enough for your health. Better you can have a glass of water.

11) Selenium- As Selenium is good for health but a new study at the University of Otago showed a strong bond between selenium levels that are too high or too low can put a person at higher risk of depression.

Know more about Selenium and depression click here at NCBI 

12) High Sodium Foods- High sodium foods are no more good for health. To make a food tastier we all add some amount of salt to our food, though salt plays a vital role in regulating water in our body also it is helpful for proper muscle growth. But foods such as Pizza, yeast bread, plain milk, tacos, pasta mixed dishes, bacon, sausages, etc contains the higher amount of sodium is ain't good for your health and could trigger your anxiety.

Moreover consuming high sodium foods could be the reason for higher risk of high blood pressure and heart attack as well. 

13)Salt- Just like sugar, large amounts of salt over a time can deplete your body of potassium, which is essential for proper functioning of the nervous system. Also, the diets which come under being salty will surely increase your blood pressure, making your heart working faster and this results in release of stress hormones causing a instant feel of the and anxiety.

So, alternatives like herbs should be used in place of salt to give that delicious feel in dishes which turns out be healthy for both your physical and mental state.

14) Junk Food- In today's world, we are caught up in our busy schedules, and most of us choose junk food as to save time and to have that instant energy. On a stressful day, even if you consume your favourite pizza or burger to feel good, chances are you will end up feeling bloated and anxious.

According to a study, the population whose diet is junk food is found to be more depressed with unhealthy mental health in comparison to those whose diet is traditional. So try to minimise the junk food intake whenever healthy options are available.

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Thursday, 7 June 2018

CBT and DBT Therapies for Suicide Prevention

Suicide Prevention: Therapies That Works

Dial 1-800-273-8255  National Suicide Prevention Lifeline or visit your local emergency room promptly, if you or someone you know feeling suicidal.

People who are suicidal and suffers from self-harming experience lots of negative thoughts about themselves, about others and about the world. Thoughts like  I'm not good enough, everybody hates me, I can't handle this situation and so on.

The most important thing that you have to figure out is something that will really work for you and I guess one of the best treatment is talking and sharing that what is actually going on. Secondly, the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline because it gives an opportunity to people to talk and share their feelings and emotions that are holding them back.

Some of the most common therapies for suicide prevention are CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) and DBT (Dialectical Behavior Therapy) which basically help an individual to identify their mind patterns and try to change them in a positive way from negativity.

CBT and DBT for suicide prevention
Suicide Prevention 

DBT and CBT for Suicide Prevention

Dialectical Behavior Therapy(DBT)

DTB can work for most mental disorders. It's a base to work from which makes you recognize your patterns of behaviors and gives you tools to prevent you getting very unwell. Saying that you must already be in a prepared mental state of readiness to help yourself. 

Without being disrespectful, some people with mental health problems expect quick fixes and don't realize the only person who can make them better is themselves. If you have not come to this realization yet it won't help you, nothing will happen, until you do by yourself. 

Well, it's not easy as it seems to be because you have to work hard to feel ‘normal’ and there are relapses.

 Mine have been bearable (no suicidal behavior) since completing the course but you have to keep working on your skills and your lifestyle. 

Your whole life which can be overwhelming at times but takes each day at a time and some days you won't even need to consider your skills.

So stay strong and believe in yourself that you can also overcome this mental sickness.

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy)

CBT is a type of talking therapy that focuses on your belief, attitude, and thoughts and how they affect your feelings and behavior and teaches you coping skills that how you can face your problems.

So, cognitive therapy is all related to our thought process so cognitive examines what you think and behavioral therapy examining the things you do.

The theory behind CBT is based on the idea what we think and the way of thinking about a particular situation and it can affect the way we feel and behave.

For an example let's suppose you are in a situation and you interrupt as a negative then you might experience your feelings and emotions negative to that situation. And consequently, these negative thoughts and feelings will lead you to unhealthy behavior.

How does CBT Work

 In CBT your therapist will help you to identify and challenge any negative and thinking patterns and your behavior as well which may be the reason for causing new difficulties and helps you to change your behavior towards the situation.

For example, you have had bullying in school then you may have challenges with your relationships and all of the time and you have collected all of these negative thoughts and feelings.

So your therapist may ask you to focus on what's going on right now in your life (while doing your CBT) or maybe they gonna ask about your past that you are still carrying with you and that's making you mentally sick.

How to Find A Better Therapist?

If you still feel like your therapist is not doing anything for you or might be you are not experiencing that connection with your therapist that is required to have then don't feel afraid to change your therapist you can try and get another therapist and keep on doing over and over again until you find a better one because that's only what really matters.

So, better find a person whom you can actually make a connection with.

One of the best way to get in touch with if you or someone you know having a suicidal behavior just dial 2-1-1 (Big Bend) to speak with an online counselor.

 The people out there are helpful and awesome always ready to talk with you and providing you all the resources that would really help you out with this suicidal behavior and thoughts.