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5 Helpful Tips To Talk With Your Doctor About Social Anxiety

How to talk with your doctor about social anxiety?

This post is about my own personal experience. If I talk about my doctor he is very open to talking about social anxiety but for some other people, it might be in sort of awkward situations to speak up about their insecurities. 

So I hope this post will help people who are experiencing some of these challenges. I believe people with social anxiety have a harder time in communicating than most other people, so going to the doctor can be particularly frightening or unnerving. 

Here are few points that I am gonna share with you and I hope it will help you out.

Helpful Tips To Talk With Your Doctor About Social Anxiety

Firstly, make a complete list of all your queries and doubts related to your anxiety in a handwritten or on your phone before of all the things that you want to talk with your doctor and that would be easier for you to talk with your doctor

 If you have already those questions lists in front of you, so you actually don't forget anything like when you  become nervous or something because I know  what happens to people when they become  nervous they forget to say things that they had planned for discussion, 

So, better you can make a list and then so you won't be getting off from your track when you're in the room with the doctor. Therefore whatever the reason you have you're going to your doctor follow through with that list and talk with your doctor and surely something might help you.

Secondly, whenever you go to your doctor just remember that your doctor is there to help you, well a lot of doctors are there for the money but hopefully, you have a doctor who is there to help you and who wants to see you get better.

Thirdly, explain to your doctor about every symptom that you're experiencing, doesn't really matter if it's a big or little and can tell your doctor like what the most worrisome or bothersome symptoms are for you. 

There are a lot of different medications for social anxiety if you're not on medications yet and you think that it might be helpful just ask your doctor to add some if possible for you(according to your symptoms).

Fourth, if you're on medications and you think you need a dose change so you can explain to the doctor why you think you need to change your medication. 

So do not hesitate to tell your doctor the exact reasons. Maybe you're experiencing too many side effects and you want your dosage to be decreased or changed, tell your doctor that your experiences side effects because maybe a  decrease or change in dosage is what you all need. 

Fifth, now this one is very important that you got to think over it. Never decide at the last minute that you don't actually need to be with your doctor for help because that the most people used to do. 

So you better take a step ahead of your social anxiety to get rid of and remember that the reason you went to the doctor.

Important Note*

At the end of the day, you are paying your doctor or your insurance company to help you or maybe that doctor is being paid by someone to help you, so it's your right that you get a good and proper treatment for your social anxiety. 

Moreover, if you are not satisfied with your doctor in results of not getting a proper response and being not helpful to you anymore, so you have a choice to change your doctor and your medications as well.

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