Sunday, 8 April 2018

What Is Self-harm? Why People Usually Do That

What is Self harm?

Self-harm: hurting your own body for a  specific reason or it's just a way to express shame or guilt, this is something that I really want to talk about. 

As we all know self-harm has become the depressing topic in the internet world as we keep on seeing the pictures and videos of people who are hurting themselves on social media or Television, 

Or maybe you have someone close friend or family member who has been going through such situations. Seriously this need to stop because life is precious and we must need to help such people who are really depressed and suffering from Self-harm. 

Primarily, self-harm is a very serious topic. Out of  4 in 100 people hurt themselves, It has been found women hurt more as compared to men.

 A person who self-harms does not really mean to kill himself or herself completely but it could be risky and it leads to a self-destruction (suicide) if they don't get any help from doing it. 

signs and symptoms of self harm different ways of doing self harm
Different people have different ways to express their feelings, 

  • When they have no words to explain their feelings.

  •  When they feel all alone and lost inside.

  • When they stop feeling numb.

  • Something in their life that they can rely on.

  • Having suicidal thoughts.

After hurting yourself it could give you a relief for a while but sometimes people get addicted to it and it takes a long time (5-10 years) to get over from self-harm.

Why do people Self-harm?

  Now this question has different experiences from different people around the world, for example, some people just do it for the things that they have done in their past(something wrong or bad that they still regret it), 

Whereas, some have no idea why they are doing this. Well if you feel or have do self-harming don't be hesitate to ask for help. Be strong and fight for your mental sickness. 

Here are some major reasons why do people hurt themselves :

  • have feelings such as anger, anxiety or depression.

  • bullying

  • low self-esteem

  • having massive negative thoughts

  • sexual or physical abuse

  • loss of a person(whom they love a lot)

  • loss of job or money

  • feeling lonely and hopeless.

Sometimes people comment doing self-harm is only for seeking an attention, that's why many people just do it in a private and hiding their scars from there body when they have to appear in public.

So they won't be judged by people who really don't know how does it feel in real.

 So if you know anyone who has been suffering from self-harm for a long period you better talk to them about life and their feelings and suggest them for counseling it may help.

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