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5 Major Types of Depression- Atypical, Bipolar, Persistent Depression

 Feeling sad or down for a few days could not be a depression but if you are feeling sad, numb, losing all your interest on the things you used to do, losing or gaining weight, sleepless or oversleep nights and having suicidal thoughts or behavior than for sure you need a Therapist for proper check-up because you have been trap by the Depression. Mentioning below the major types of Depression that you can relate to if you have such symptoms for more than 2-3 weeks. 

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types of depression

Most Common Types of Depression

1- Major Clinical Disorder:  Sometimes it is also is known as a major depressive disorder and this is one of the most common disorder that more than 14 million adults have had faced once in their life. But to make a diagnosis, below are the few key symptoms that a doctor will check up for it :

  • Feeling blue

  • Suicidal actions/thoughts

  • Hard to sleep 

  • Hard to focus on a certain stuff

2- Persistent Depressive Disorder:  According to the studies it has been found that if a person is feeling down or numb, has no interest in doing regular activities and behave like more irritable and angry for last more than a year than a person may have Persistent Depressive Disorder

In medical science this disorder is known as a Dysthymic disorder or Dysthymia, it has been found in more women than men but sometimes it could also found in kids and teens as well. 

3-Bipolar Disorder: Bipolar disorder is also known as manic depression, it directly hits on your brain and changes the swing of your mood, energy, emotions and your behavior as well and that tends to create a serious problem in relationships and also in day to day life.

 The major symptoms that have been found are suicidal thoughts and actions, changes in sleep pattern, less energy, and unusually intense emotions. Bipolar depression tends to have more Atypical symptoms than Unipolar depression.

4-Atypical Disorder: Major depression makes an individual feel sad or numb, whereas Atypical Depression swings mood as you encounter with a good moment or news, your mood gets better and you feel so happy for a while. An extreme risk of suicide and anxiety, having a bigger appetite and having a sleep more than 10 hours in a day are the main symptoms of an Atypical disorder.

Other symptoms of Atypical Depression include-

  •     Feeling of heaviness in arms and legs (Leaden Paralysis)

  •     Excessive sensitivity to interpersonal problems

5-Seasonal Affective Disorder: Seasonal Affective Disorder(S.A.D) is a type of depression that is only related to the changes in seasons all the dark and long nights of fall and winter could be hard for a person who has S.A.D because mostly it happens only during the fall and winter where the days are short and nights are long and empty. 

Phototherapy or medications can be given to the person to set him/her free from S.A.D. 

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