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What is Suicidal Ideation? How to Help Someone With Suicidal Thoughts

Suicidal Ideation

Suicidal thoughts are actually the same as suicidal ideation.

There are a lot of people today who just, want to quit, they are very unhappy and many are they are going through a tremendous pain, apart from these people there are people who are wealthy are but still have a feeling of emptiness in life.

 Even though they have everything going further but they feel something is missing. Sometimes they feel the people around them are fake many times they feel they are not loved. 

Suicide has become a very prominent problem these days, literally, thousands of people are committing suicide every day. In the United States according to the study in 2013 over 800,000 committed suicide worldwide. Suicide is the third cause of death of teenagers and its the 10th cause of death worldwide.

suicide signs

There are various cause and factors that lead people to think about suicide. There are those who are going under crisis in their life perhaps a tremendous amount of stress. 

Well, most of the suicides are the result of mental illness. Mental illness that produces illness, emotionally, mentally and physically.

Some of the common symptoms of suicide or people who are thinking about suicide are usually hopeless, they a have a very poor ability to solve problems or they have lost the certain abilities that they had before.

 There are also medical conditions(that could be treated), people who are going through financial problems all these can lead to suicide.

Bipolar disorders which also leads to the feeling of anxiety, anger, guilt, extreme sadness and isolation.

What happens to many people when they go through all sorts of troubles and difficult times is something called anxiety or fear.

 Anxiety or fear both are relatable but have different meanings. Anxiety is about to future and fear is about to present. When we detect such things or detects people having these symptoms we need to get them an immediate help.

All the experts say early detections can make a big difference. Nowadays there are centers for the prevention of suicide, there is an emergency phone number to call. 

(Dial 1-800-273-8255 to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline).  People who found themselves suicidal should call and get help and if they don't and we see them experiencing such suicidal feelings then e need to call.

            How To Help People If They Have Suicidal Ideation

1) What we can do--- People feels alone, they think nobody cares for them, nobody loves them so we can always be a good listener(in the sense to listen to what they say about their lives and their feelings) and stay connected with them and be there for them whenever they need you. 

2)What advice we can give --- Being as a family member or a friend or whatever relation you have with a person who is suicidal, always suggest them to seek professionals help. (or better you must arrange for them).

3)What we can tell them---The words of hope and encouragement that's what people need more today.  We can tell them you can become a different person than what you are right now.
It is possible and things will change, problems are temporary and you'd be able to get out through this.


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