Thursday, 12 April 2018

Why Self-Harm Awareness Is So Important For Everyone- Save Lives


Anyone who is suffering from self-harm disorders it's not just fine the way you are feeling better you take a step ahead and ask for help and always remember that you are loved and you are not alone.

Self-harm awareness day

Self Injury Awareness Day(SIAD) is a worldwide event i.e on 1st of March every year and it has been done for more than 17 years by now.

LifeSIGNS is an organization based in the UK which is helping people by raising awareness about self-injury and self-harm since it was set up (2002).

They have many online resources and sets of information for people who are struggling with self-harm.

Raising awareness about self-harm is important as we know many people who suffer in silence and do self-harm could find a way out from this dark side.

People who need online support can also visit it's an international help center for such people where you can find online chat support, suicide hotlines, online therapists and much more.

Steps to helping someone in Emotional pain.

  • Always ask about their feelings and do not let them feel they are alone.

  • Keep their environment safe remove all the source of material that could harm them.

  • Listen to them make sure you understand how they feel.  

  • Assist them to connect with trusted individuals such as friends, family or mental health Professionals.

  • Stay in touch always.
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