Sunday, 15 April 2018

How to create suicide safety plans- 5 best ways to protect yourself and others from suicidal behaviour

Suicide Safety Plans :)

Sometimes people feel so trapped with these suicidal thoughts and can't find a way out but creating suicide safety plans can help a person to deal with the suicidal thoughts and in the result, they can actually beat this feeling of being suicidal. 

As everyone has different feelings and thoughts and there could be many suicide safety plans but here we are providing the best five suicide safety plans that will definitely help you out if you follow them step by step.

5 best ways to protect yourself and your loved ones from suicidal thoughts

  • Keeping your environment safe knowing that is there something that you planned before to hurt yourself with. It could be a knife or a gun or could be anything you may not have them around.

  • Notice your signs and warnings. 

  • Create a list of things that trigger your suicidal thoughts and makes you more depressed such as a song or a TV show.

  • Creating a list of people whom you have personal connections such as friends or family (or who so ever you have) just reach them out by contacting them and speak up about your feelings that can actually help you out by getting those emotions and thought away.

  • Make a list of professionals whom you can contact and talk about plus make a  list of emergency contact details of your local emergency helpline. 

''Always remember life is precious and implementing on these above suicide safety plans is a promise to yourself that you gonna fight with these suicidal feelings and making yourself strong from inside. ''

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