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Eating Dark Chocolate Can Improves Mental Health : 5 Incredible Benefits of Dark Chocolates

Can Dark Chocolates Really Help In Improving Stress?

 5 Incredible Benefits of Dark Chocolates

According to the recent study at Loma Linda University in Southern California, it has been suggested that eating a dark chocolate could be helpful for you to lower down your mental stress.

The researchers have found that dark chocolate contains a higher amount of cacao (70%) that actually helps in reducing the inflammation and stress level.

 Studies have also found that consuming dark chocolate gradually also helps in improving your mood and memory.

 So next time whenever you are feeling low or having bad mood do grab a dark chocolate bar one or two.

Same as in another study, the researchers had the healthy participants who took the equivalent of a chocolate bar --- 48 grams of dark chocolate which contains 30% of organic cane sugar and 70%  cacao. 

Later on, their brains were scanned with ECG which measures brain waves,30 minutes and 60 minutes after eating the chocolate. And guess what the gamma waves increased across the cortex which is mainly related to memory and cognition.

From child to adult chocolate has been a longtime favorite of all age, we do love to eat. As above studies already claim that eating dark chocolate is helpful to reduce stress, but there are so much more good about eating dark chocolates such as: 

1) Dark chocolate improves mood, stress, memory, and immunity.

2) Dark chocolate contains anti-oxidants which have a capacity to prevent aging by free radicals. 

3) It also helps to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

4) Dark chocolate helps to boost our brain power, cocoa is rich in antioxidants called flavanols which dilates blood vessels allowing more oxygen and blood to the brain. 

The antioxidant reduces inflammation throughout the body which can eventually lead to heart disease, cancer, aging.

5)Dark chocolate contains a large amount of Amin (amino acid) and acts as an effective natural sex enhancer by increasing nitric oxide and blood flow to sex organ which increases sensation, satisfaction, and desires.

 It also contains a chemical called P (Phenylethylamine) which promotes the production of neurotransmitter dopamine which enhances feelings of well-being, joy, and pleasure.

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