Monday, 9 April 2018

Different Ways Of Self-Harm -Self-cutting

 Different ways of Self-harm.

There always been a misconception about self-harm or self-mutilation that is only cutting and that we apparently use to see in Social media, movies and on TV, but there is so much more than only cutting. 

Well, there are so many types of Self-harms as well that people use to do and I want to just lighten this topic because many people are not aware of the other forms of self-harm.

 Well, I do not promote any self-harm or any such activities all I want to share the feelings of people which they feel ashamed to share by themselves.

 As we have already discussed the self-harm in our previous post and also the reasons that why people do ( it's not just for seeking attention but it is something that people use to express their feelings and emotions that is full of anger, pain, and frustration).

Cutting is the most common type of self-harm that often begins during a teenage period  where people use to harm their own body without any suicidal intentions and that we are not gonna over discuss here.,

because there is something more than cutting that people are doing to harm themselves and we are supposed to help them.

self harm methods

The most 5 different ways of Self-Harm 

1- Scratching/Pinching- also know as Dermatillomania or skinning disorder this type of self-harm where people use to scratch or pinch themselves because they don't like their own appearance. 

And they scratch their body just to change it. People who suffer from Dermatillomania have symptoms of rubbing, pinching, scratching or digging sharp objects into their skin and this they all relate to their anxiety, fear, or boredom.

2- Carving- Carving is totally different from cutting because in this disorder people not only cut themselves but they carve something into their body (like words or symbols ). More than 40% of people who self-harm they do carving.

3- Burning- Buring is same as cutting but in burning, people just burn themselves just to release their feelings (emotions) or to punish themselves for all the grievings and regrets they holding inside.

4- Impacting with objects-  Banging with objects like kicking, punching and crashing till it makes them bleed or bruise.

5- Hair Pulling- Also know as Trichotillomania in this disorder people have an extreme urge to pull hair from any part of their body just for relief or joy. Many people don't categorize hair pulling in self-harm but I do for a strong reason and people who deal  Trichotillomania must their life be supported.

Eating disorders and relying on drugs and alcohols are also a part of self-harm because they are hurting you as well from inside out.

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