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Major Depression Symptoms Everyone Should know-Mental Health

Depression (real depressive issue or disorder) is the most typical and genuine sickness that contrarily influences the way that how you feel, the way you think and how you behave. Depression is a real sickness that affects the brain. Depression is the constant feeling of being numb. Being numb to emotions, being numb to life.  However, it is likewise treatable. Depression causes sentiments of pity and additionally lost enthusiasm for exercises once delighted in.  It can prompt an assortment of passionate and physical issues and can diminish a person’s capacity to work.

      Depression has its own major signs and symptoms and it could be found at any age. People who are depressed mainly they tend to feel like they are an outsider, good enough and always blame themselves for everything for no specific reason.

Major Depression. Signs and Symptoms

 Signs and symptoms of depression:-

It is important to know that we all feel sometimes sad and miserable or have lost interest in daily activities for a short time period but that doesn't mean at all that a person is going through a depression. If a  person having the following symptoms for more than 2-3 weeks or more then for sure he/she actually is a victim of depression and they need help


  • getting tired all the time

  • sleeping  and eating disorder

  • headaches and muscles pains

  • digestive problems

  • stay at home all day all along

  • lose all interest in doing stuff 

  • hard to concentrate 

  • start relying on  sedatives

  • disappointed

  • frustrated

  • guilty

  • numb

     And lastly, the Thoughts that are so active sometimes and they are mostly like
I am a failure, its all my mistakes, I am worthless, no one loves me, I look ugly and the life is not worth anymore and thoughts of death or suicide.

Depression influences an expected one out of 15 grown-ups (6.7%) in any given year. What's more, one of every six individuals (16.6%) will encounter depression eventually in their life. Depression can strike at any time or at any point in your life,(but it all depends)  first shows up amid the late teenagers to mid-20s. According to one case study,  Ladies are more probable than men to suffer from depression.

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